16.09.2017Latvian Central Club of St.Bernards show - show of St.Bernards (Latvian Amber St.Bernard '2017) and of Leonberger (Latvian Amber Leonberger’2017), CAC.





  • Junior Winner LCSK, Winner LCSK and Veteran Winner LCSK.

  • Best Junior male, Best Junior female, Best Male, Best Female, Best Veteran male, Best Veteran female.

  • Latvian Amber St.Bernard,  Latvian Amber Leonberger.

    Above titles are granted not depending from country owner or dog are from. Above titles are granted for each breed separately: long haired St.Bernard, short haired St.Bernard, Leonberger.

    Place of the show – Rātsupītes iela 10, Rīga, LV-1067 - map

    Judge: Svetlana POSTARNAKOVA, Lithuania


- registration - 9:00

- leonberger rings - 10:00

- short haired st.Bernard rings - 12:30

- long haired st.Bernard rings - 13:30


NB!! Show committee keeps the right to change the judge if necessary!

Registration form

  Entry Fees



Members of LCSK

Members of other Latvian Clubs

Foreign guests *


dog (every next dog)

veterans, couple, 
progeny, kennel

dog (every next dog)

veterans, couple, 
progeny, kennel

dog (every next dog)

veterans, couple, 
progeny, kennel

till 31.07.2017

EUR 16 (15)

EUR 10

EUR 23 (22)

EUR 13

EUR 30 (28)

EUR 15

01.08.17 - 13.08.17

EUR 19 (18)

EUR 13

EUR 27 (26)

EUR 17

EUR 35 (33)

EUR 20

14.08.17 – 27.08.17

EUR 23(22)

EUR 18

EUR 32(30)

EUR 22

EUR 40(38)

EUR 25

For applying to the show you have to send: 1) Entry form (please use pedigree number which dog received by birth on country he/she have birth). 2) copy of pedigree (please be aware we have to see owner of the dog, if its on other side please scan both sides (e.g.Estonia)). 3) for entrance in champion class you have to add at least one adult champion certificate for any country. 4) For dogs registered in Latvia: LKF yearly club card copy for for 2017, if dog have more than 1 owner we have to receive cards for each of the owners. 5) payment order for paying entrance fee or warranty letter for paying on the show. You can use free form for warranty letter or can write it in e-mail. 6) We can take entries from owner of the dog, from breeder of the dog or from members of the board from LKF clubs. If dog is registered by handler, handler have to add authorization from owner (free form). 7) Couple class can be registered if at least one of the owner of both dogs is the same name.


Foreign participants: all payments may be arranged after arrival at the show (registration with letter of guarantee), tariffs are applied according to the date of receiving the registration form (date received: letter or е-mail).


** Latvian participants: all payments may be are arranged before the termination of time of registration by means of bank transfer or cash in LCSK office, tariffs are applied according to the date of receiving the registration form (date received: e-mail letter or е-mail).


NB! CHANGE OF DOGS OR ENTRY’S ARE POSSIBLE ONLY BEFORE THE TERMINATION OF TIME OF REGISTRATION. Registration fee will be given back only in case of death of dog or if the show will be cancelled by organizers fault. If the dog don’t arrive to the show, registration fee will be demanded afterwards by bank transfer. If the veterinary reference about bitch being in heat is presented, fee is reduced by 50%.  All dogs should have microchip number, please add number to entry form.




The organizers of the show have the rights to reregister dog from intermediate to open class if enclosed certificates does not approve the registrated age according the rules of FCI.

Organizers are not responsible for mistakes in application form filled by exhibitor.

All registered participants will be able to receive information on time of carrying out examination of the breed on our site - http://www.sanbernari.lv/index_amber_en.php after 11.09.2017


Please pay entry fee to account:

Name: Latvijas Centralais Sanbernaru Klubs


Bank: Swedbank A/S


Account: LV17HABA0551017716179



e-mail: show.lcslk@gmail.com, tel.: (+371) 26305975 (Daiga – LV+RU+GB).